the second coming of the thinking man’s footballer

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pandora jewelry Time and again, emotional dysfunction is writ large on physical bodies. A man, envious of his wife’s experience of pregnancy, finds a drawer growing out of his chest. People sprout a fresh arm, or “love arm,” each time they fall in love. Summary boxClinical context The prevalence of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has increased substantially in the past decade, with most children diagnosed with ADHD described as having mild or moderate ADHD. Medication prescription rates have also increased twofold for children and fourfold for adolescents and adultsImpact on prevalence The prevalence of parent reported diagnosis of ADHD in the US rose from 6.9% in 1997 to 9.5% in 2007. In the Netherlands it doubled over a similar period and other countries have also seen similar risesHarms from overdiagnosis Medication costs of inappropriately diagnosed ADHD are estimated to be between $320m (200m; 230m) and $500m in the US and some children have adverse drug reactions pandora jewelry.