One parent, who belongs to a religious group that tends to receive unflattering press coverage, asked me, you imagine if we tried to set up a similar program? It would be all over the national news. Another parent lashed out at me for raising the issue in such a direct fashion. Be so Jewish, she snapped which I guess she felt she was allowed to say because she is Jewish, too.

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There was one night in particular when Nyong experienced Patsey in extremis. She went to bed with a criss cross of prosthetic welts on her back in preparation for fresh ones to be added for the next day scene. Could only sleep on my stomach and I was so uncomfortable and haunted by these she says.

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In 1956, Willebaldo Rivera was the must see cobbler for the film industry. His craftsmanship was, and still is, a sought after service throughout the Hollywood community, especially since his first location was across from Paramount Studios. Willie’s Shoe Service remains an iconic shoe repair shop with celebrity photos lining his walls giving thanks for his expertise.